Monday, March 16, 2009


The coteros, usually men, work in Cobarabastos unloading the sacks from the lorries and piling them inside the bays. This is a very informal job, so workers had no tax benefits so when they fall ill there is no income to provide for their families.

Others labourers at Corabastos are known as zorreros; they also start at midnight and ending at 2 pm. Their job is to transport products in human traction wheelbarrows from trucks to the stalls as the coteros also do. A zorrero earns on average eight thousand pesos per day (£ 2.50/$ 3.30) to respond with as head of household.

We were well into the night when the whole market was already at its busiest; people running from bay to bay looking for the goods to purchase and negotiate prices with sellers; then, they will pass a list to the cotero so he would go around the stalls loading the sacks on his shoulder and deliver it to the truck.

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