Saturday, March 14, 2009


(First Night of Filming)
Our first night of filming was in Corabastos; we arrived at 9 pm when the market is still closed. Outside the premises hundreds of lorries and vans of any size and model were waiting to enter. My idea was to film this enormous space without people to convey the feeling of a colossal animal waiting to be fed. The night was unexpectedly chilly and a full moon was shining above us.

We climbed to the parking building from where I could see all the bays and get a better view of the place. Two policemen accompanied us as we walked through the empty warehouses lit up by old-fashioned lamps. We set up the crane in the corner of the main entrance and waited for the lorries to start coming in.
We had been warned of a deafening uproar when around 10:30 pm the noise of the engines would surround the air as the lorries, which had arrived from the region of Cundinamarca laden with fruits, potatoes, carrots, peppers, etc. rushed to the bays to start downloading. Slowly, the silhouettes of coteros (people who carry goods in wooden wheelbarrows) started to appear from the darkness as the lorries parked at the still closed bays.

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