Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Flickering Darkness travels to the North
 16 July – 6 September 2015

A new exhibition of The Flickering Darkness (Revisited) at Tyneside Gallery & Cinema, Newcastle. 

The Flickering Darkness (Revisited) is a video installation exploring the journey that food produce takes from its arrival before dawn at the Corabastos market in Bogotà, Colombia (the largest of its kind in Latin America), to its consumption across the social spectrum. In this work, a commission resulting from a 3 month residency in the South American city, delGado creates sense out of the market’s chaos and order, while inviting wider reflections on society’s strata and how they interact.

Details of the market are revealed in close up and wide shots.  Most of the images are identifiable but the editing and juxtaposition of the work often bring out abstract characteristics.  This is combined with a haunting soundtrack that combines industrial noise, a multitude of vehicles and human voices.
Whilst centring on the topical issue of current world food politics, this installation uses a highly personal visual language that documents and yet beautifully abstracts a very factual reality.

The work follows hundreds of people at work transporting food from one corner of the market to the other before vendors set up their stalls and the market becomes a hive of trading activity. It then turns to the preparation and presentation of produce as edible dishes, with delGado contrasting the humble consumption of simple foods at workers’ restaurants with the elaborate choreography of fine dining experiences.

The Flickering Darkness (Revisited) is supported by Unlimited; celebrating the work of disabled artists, using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Spirit of 2012

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