Friday, August 22, 2014

Audio Description recording for The Flickering Dakness (Revisited)

The countdown to the exhibition has started and the preparations are getting more and more busy.
We had the pleasure to record the audio description with Jenni Halton, a successful drama and theatre practitioner.
Jenni is the founder, workshop leader and project manager of Unscene Suffolk, a community theatre company for adults with visual impairment. Unscene Suffolk aims to impact positively on the lives of its participants and to create high quality work which celebrates accessible aesthetics for both audience and performers.
The company was founded in February 2013 with support from the New Wolsey Theatre and Sensing Change, has produced two performances to date and is currently planning and fundraising for another project in 2015.

Jenni has a long experience in the Arts and Theatre sector, working as an arts administrator and audio describer. In addition to freelancing as a theatre practitioner, she is also contributing to the Unlimited Festival.

The purpose of this recording is to make the video installation accessible to everyone.
Inside the White Room, where the three-channel installation will be set up, a headphone will be available for visually impaired visitors. Jenni helped make the audio-description as accurate, authentic and colorful as the moving image, making the narrative exciting to imagine and picture, transporting the listener to the scene's location.
Another plinth and pair of headphones will be placed outside the room, where the same description will be screened.

Tim Harrison, the sound designer at the Sounthbank Centre worked to bring out the power of the sound in a balanced surround system, placing speakers to help the audience experience an immersive impact of the video installation.

Tim runs Aumeta, a company specialising in feature film audio post and commercial sound design. He has a keen interest in experimental cinema, regularly working with director Luke Losey. Tims is also a member of filmmaking collective Studio Murmur and an Associate Lecturer at London College of Communication.

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