Thursday, July 17, 2014

Interview for Disability Arts Online

Last week, I had a beautiful conversation with my friend and video editor Juan SOTO at the Geffrye Museum. The interview was produced by the Colombian writer Manuel Angel MACIA.
The full text will be soon published by DAO, Disability Arts Online and available to read.

Here's a preview of the interview.

In a dimly lit room at the Geffrye Museum in East London, Spanish artist Juan delGado talks about The Flickering Darkness (Revisited) with his friend and the film’s Editor, Colombian filmmaker Juan Soto. The semi-dark interior serves as an apt setting—surprisingly akin to the moody textures that this piece so vividly portrays. The following is a semi-fictional reenactment of this conversation, one that tries to capture its organic development. As such, it aims to portray the emerging discourse on the film as the main character. The names of the two interlocutors have been intentionally treated ambiguously, in order to portray the vivid and intricate conversation that took place that day...

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