Thursday, December 3, 2009

Première The Flickering Darkness

After three months of endless work and wonderful experiences, I eventually finished the project that brought me to this city, Bogotá. It's been a very challenging experience after all, having decided to produce a audiovisual work with almost no time for research, development and production! However, I was very fortunate to have the support of many people that join my project or just helped me through essentials such as getting to know the city, sometimes in places that not many Bogotans would dare to go to.

The enormous support from Andrès Duplat and the entire team at PROPONGO will be something that I cannot thank enough. Without their patience and enthusiasm I would have eventually dropped of exhaustion. Andrès organised the production of my exhibition at the Chamber of Commerce at Ciudad Kennedy Headquaters supervising budgets, equipment bookings with such attention to detail that made this last stage of my project a delightful time towards the end of my residency in Colombia.

Première The Flickering Darkness at Chamber of Commerce, April 2009

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