Friday, February 13, 2009

Arriving in Bogotá

On February, 1 I arrived at the airport El Dorado after a long journey, a fifteen hours flight. On landing I could see the flickering lights of the city that would be my home for the next three months. Hundreds of little lights shaped the cartography of streets and avenues which I was planning to explore. In the distance, Monserrate, the impressive mountain that overlooks Bogotá as an impassable lookout.

After the arrival, I was put into a taxi and driven by Carlos Andres through surprisingly quiet avenues: "Today is Sunday, señor, and driving is banned in the city centre". We drove around a bypass with lots of trees and vegetation on both sides... From there I caught a glimpse of the city tall buildings. "We are in La Candelaria, señor" as we entered a neighbourhood of little houses aligned on a very steep slope which happens to be Calle 11, my house.

As I walked into the house, a smiling middle-age woman welcomed me inside, Señora Cecilia. She showed me around and told me that she lived in the house next door and would be happy to help me with anything I might need. We gave each other a goodnight kiss and I went upstairs where my bedroom was and dropped my body on the bed.

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  1. Dear Juan I will follow this blog, so far it looks very interresting will be plesure for me.
    Other funny thing happened while I was viewing this page is the cat, I have a cat at the moment and she was next to me and when your cat made sound she got so excited and I played over and over:) She liked your blog aswell.